I choose to trust You in the hardest places.

All I have is today.  Today is the gift my loving Heavenly Father gives me.

 The journey He has planned for me is good and  He is always with me directing and protecting me.  He has the perfect goal of conforming me to the image of His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. 

At this time I am moving through the valley of difficult times.  He tells me in His Word that these times on the journey are crucial.  I am choosing to trust Him.  Physical pain is the jagged path  on my journey.  He is carrying me and I am holding on to His mighty and holy  love.

I am trusting that He is always with me.  Hebrews 7 verse 25 tells me that He ever live to make intercession for us. 

Your love is powerful to conform me to the image of Your Son.

True spiritual food!

I am yours and You are mine.  Father, speak to me!

Lately I have been home-bound and what awesome lessons You have been speaking to me.  At times of loneliness You have spoken “I am with you”, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”  Your Word is so powerful in my life.  The more I take in of Your Word, the more I crave of You.  You are the only One Who can satisfy my thirsty heart and soul.

Reading and studying in John chapter 6, I see You as Bread of Life.  I hunger.  I eat.  I drink.  I am consumed by Your love.  I have everything in You.  I have received You and all that You accomplished for me on the cross.  I have eaten your flesh and drank your blood.  I have Your very Life inside of me.

You are my joy and strength and peace and everything I need to walk worthy of you and that is my heart’s desire.  Father, speak to me.

Bless and encourage those who visit here.


I love reading the paradoxes of our faith… our relationship with God.  People outside the faith just don’t and can’t understand…. spiritually discerned. I don’t mind walking in the dark because the dark is light to HIM.   I learn more in the hard places and grow in intimacy with Him… He speaks to me there.