I Didn’t Notice

My dear friend, Joanne Viola posts everyday on her blog DAYS & THOUGHTS. Be blessed as you read…. that you are noticed!

Days & Thoughts


She stated to me that most days she feels invisible. It broke my heart as I think most of us have felt this way at some time or another. It is not a pleasant feeling.

Invisible is to be in a room filled with people, not know who to talk with and realize no one will be approaching you either. It’s as if no one notices you or even knows you are there.

The enemy would be quick to move in on those thoughts. He knows how to capitalize on a lie …

  • “Why should anyone notice you?”
  • “There’s nothing interesting about you.”
  • “If you were funnier, a better conversationalist or knew how to make small talk, maybe then they’d notice you.”

These lies will explode in our minds faster than an overblown balloon can pop. To prevent this, one must reign the lies in with the truth of God.

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