He speaks to me through others…

My Father speaks to me through others….  I am part of a wonderful online Bible study of Ruth.  One of the ladies posted a comment about herself and how the study brought it to her mind.  My Father used it to show me something I needed to know about myself.

In the book of Ruth, chapter 1 verses 19-22 we see Naomi and Ruth arriving in  Bethlehem.  Naomi doesn’t want to be called by her name but by the name “Mara”.  She is blaming God for all her afflictions and is very bitter.

The lady in my group shared that she sometimes names herself  by her circumstances and lies of the enemy.  Wow how this jumped out at me.  I know I have done the same thing.

Our other Scripture Ephesians 4:30-32 calls me to put away bitterness and be compassionate forgiving of others.  I saw that this also pertained to me.  I am to see myself through God’s eyes and that the putting away of bitterness of being forgiving applies to me and how I treat myself.  What an eye-opener.

My Father speaks to me and calls me His beloved.

2 thoughts on “He speaks to me through others…

  1. Marilyn,

    This is so true! God has been speaking much to me lately.
    He also speaks to us through the Holy Spirit.
    The icing on the cake was when I received the Bible signed, for me, 40 years ago!


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